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Streaming Singapore provides more than just Live Streaming solutions. It customises and delivers the experience you want for your audience, wherever they may be.

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About Streaming Singapore

Meant for everyone who wants to stay in touch no matter where they are

No distance should prevent you from being able to share your thoughts, your ideas or your moments. Whatever your digital needs are, we can make it happen over here. Not just live streaming, but a comprehensive holistic way of connecting with anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • Custom Designed

    Why settle for out-of-the-box solutions that mean you have to adjust your plans?

  • Fully Responsive

    Solutions that cater to expand your reach effectively in age of a myriad devices

  • Pixel Perfect

    We put in a lot of thought on your objectives and the outcomes you want to attain and share our expertise in helping you make that happen

  • Be remembered

    Digital solutions should not just be about reach, but about cementing your brand values

Working Process

How we do Stuff?

An overview of what goes into our working process when we take on your project

Understanding Your Needs

More often that not, as business owners, we have ideas of what we want to achieve. We have plans and strategies and quite often are not completely sure how to translate these into digital actions in an age where technologies are rapidly and constantly evolving.

You are here probably because you wanted to have a Live Stream for one reason or the other. Or at least that's what we were trying to achieve with our search marketing.

The technologies available are vast, and each of them come with benefits and, unfortunately some limitations. Rarely do we find a solution that checks all the boxes.

This is where we come in. What if you did not want to trade-off? What if you wanted to achieve exactly what you set out to achieve? And as holistic and integrated media solutions providers, this is where we differ from the other Live Streaming companies. You can be assured that we do not merely use existing system with their limitations, but custom systems just for you.

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Design, Test and Test Again

We design the framework according to your needs and go through every detail of it with you so as to design the perfect experience you're looking for.

And because it is not enough to just plan, we run several test scenarios to mitigate the possible problems you may face. With more than 10 years of experience in Streaming - yes, you heard it right, we've been live streaming long before Facebook Live was a thing! - we know a thing or two about some areas to look out for.

Because every custom solution brings about new possible problems, we'll run tests and then run tests on those tests so we can be confident that the final product we present to you is one that has been rigorously and meticulously gone through. We can be quite thorough that way.

You'll always know what you're getting yourself into.

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Start Conversations with Customers

One of the best benefits of Live Streaming is instant engagement.

Let our branding consultants share with you how we can harness the power of LIVE in social media engagement. Be it instant feedback, engagement or even voting or question and answer sessions that you want with your board of directors around the world, we can make it happen.

Conversation can and must go on, regardless of distance. With the LIVE conversations that you can have in real-time, face-to-face - virtually of course - you can save a lot of time and money!

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