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Running an Event during COVID-19 Phase 2 Heightened Alert

16 May 2021

Can I still run my events?

The latest update increasing the alert status to Phase 2 Heightened Alert has thrown a spanner in the works for organisations that have made plans to hold live events during Phase 3. What does this update mean to you? Can you still hold live events?

The good news, in a nutshell, is that YES - your events do not need to be cancelled or postponed and can still be conducted, with some amendments as a result of the changes to the Safe Management Measures pertaining to the current alert status. The better news is that you do not have to navigate these directives by yourself. Streaming SG is a media company designated under the SSIC codes (59 and 62) that are permitted to run live events without further approval required. You may read more about this from the IMDA advisory here. Alternatively, you can drop us a note here and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

The basic idea is that these events generally can run with a total of no more than 15 personnel (including production crew) on site, no more than 10 people onscreen at any one time, and no more than 2 people unmasked if it's a singing performance in that time. All personnel on location should be 1 metre apart, unless it's a singing performance, where they should be 2 metres apart. Events that are registered with IMDA may have 30 personnel on site, but the number of onscreen talents or performers remain unchanged at 10. No live audience may be present at location and only authorised personnel are allowed at the production site. There is no need for Pre-Event Testing (PET) to hold these events.

With the limits stated above, events take on a "hybrid" variation, or as we have been promoting from way before COVID-19, all events should really be planned as Events+. This would allow for organisations to be ready despite changes to the alert status. A well-laid event plan will ensure that the show goes on regardless.

Can I still reach out to a large audience?

With the plethora of videoconferencing platforms available, in addition to more custom streaming options like having your own event microsite, you will be able to connect to a larger audience that any physical location can provide. With these options, with carefully designed workflows and audio-visual and IT systems, you can even have a memorable and interactive event. The bottomline is that, with a virtual or online event, you were always going to be able to reach out to a larger audience than you could offline. One of the added benefits of using Streaming SG is that our cutting-edge streaming technologies mean the production crew can be lean while maintaining just the professional looking webcast that is in line with your branding, in effect, allowing for more speakers / performers to be on location for your event.

Will my event adhere to all the directives set out by the ministries?

IMDA has endorsed comprehensive documents such as the Mandatory Safety Rules and the Comprehensive Safety Measures that our Live Event Managers are familiar with and are up-to-date with where alert statuses are changed and will be able to tweak your event in order to ensure its realisation despite the circumstances. With our systems and planning in place, we are even able to switch the event completely online, or fully virtual, should the situation so require.

Let us do the planning.

With these uncertain times, it is hard without knowledge of live event production to plan for the worst-case scenarios. With over 150 live events since Circuit Breaker 2020, we have the experience, technology and know-how to do just that. Drop us a note today to discuss with our Live Event managers.

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