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Frequently Asked Questions

Organising events is not rocket science and many of our incredible clients have the technical know-hows to run an event. The challenge is not in organising - but in pre-empting problems that may arise and to handle them in a timely fashion to ensure a smooth event without the hiccups that can affect your corporate branding and image. What an Event Planner brings to the table is not just industry contacts and ideas, but career professionalism and years of experience to mitigate these complexities.

In recent days, several platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams and Cisco Webex have become very popular and hardly a day goes by without us using these platforms for our meetings. With that kind of exposure, Zoom Webinars and MS Teams Live Events have become the go-to for holding product or service related webinars and conferences. The trade-off that users have settled for is reduced customisability in return for the ease of use.

But what if one does not have to sacrifice either?

The service we provide does not replace these useful tools, but add value to them. We still use Zoom or the VC software of your choice, but we add an extra Live Production layer above it to customise the design, layout and the overall look and feel while maintaining the quality of audio that your audience receives. That means no more audio interference or accidentally switched on microphones.

With our service, you also get an events seasoned Show Director who ensures that the various segments of the event is cued up and switched to in a timely fashion, taking away the awkward gaps or instructions from the organiser.

We also provide microsites, if you choose to have them for your event, and Audit Trails to help you keep track of your participants and plan for the next event better.

Having started with Live Streaming as a service from way back in 2010, our founders are amongst the pioneers of this trade in Singapore. We are not just Event Organisers that have pivoted to the digital space in the wake of COVID. Neither are we just Programmers or Media Companies that have similarly jumped on the live streaming wagon. Nor are we merely Live Streaming service providers that are doing events now.

We are all of the above.

We have put together an all-star team comprised of experienced individuals in each of the fields above - live streaming, media and event organising. As if that were not enough, each of our team members also have overlapping experiences. What you are getting with Streaming SG, are three full-fledged services seamlessly packaged into one.

We do not publicise our rates only because we also work together with Event Partners and Media Agencies and publicising our rates can affect their business plans and we value that relationship more than merely getting business.

If you are an agency, contact us and we'll be happy to share with you our agency rate card.

If you are not an agency, it is better news because we do not have the extra overheads that come from outsourcing or equipment rental. We have an array of plans that will suit everyone. Drop us a note with your event brief, and let us get back to you with a custom pricing for your specific needs.

We take data protection very seriously and do not store any more information than is necessary to conduct your event. We have robust procedures to ensure that any collected data is securely disposed off from our systems once the the event has been successfully concluded and the audit trail / analytics have been handed over to you.

All our primary servers are hosted in Singapore. Where necessary, depending on your usage and requirement, we also work with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) worldwide to ensure your audience can view the event seamlessly wherever they may be.

All our systems are protected by end-to-end 2048-bit SSL protection, in addition to robust anti-malware and DDOS protection. Our microsites which require user login are also protected by encrypted passwords and industry-standard session management policies.

All recordings of your virtual events will be handed over to you for your use however you wish. There is no limitation to your use of it in any publication unless it also includes footage of our team at work and our technical systems. Where these are concerned, let us review the images and see if it includes any sensitive trade information that may need to be omitted.

Similarly, while we maintain the right to publicise non-sensitive images and footages of events we have conducted, whether on this website or in our client decks, we will inform you of their use for your expressed approval.

SGX and BMSMA does not have an approved vendor list for the provision of Virtual AGMs. However, coming highly recommended by Scrutineers and Corporate Secretaries, we have conducted well over 80 virtual AGMs and EGMs for SGX listed companies and MCSTs in 2020 alone and are recognised by our partners as a dependable and trustworthy Live Streaming partner.

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